Affiliate Disclosure

All content on The Game Dev Blog is written for the sole purpose of providing useful information to small, independent, and beginner game developers. We will, when the occasion presents itself organically, make use of various affiliate programs to generate revenue and keep the site alive.

Unless otherwise stated, all of our posts are written to provide useful information to our readers, with any affiliate marketing links being added where appropriate after the content has been produced. If a post is sponsored (for example, a review of software that was sent to us for free), there will be a clear notice at the top of the post to inform you.

What are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are links to services or products from which we earn a commission if someone clicks through our site and purchases something. The affiliate process is often invisible (hence the need for disclosure) and using an affiliate link to buy a service or product will not cost you more than the regular price. In fact, affiliates like us often have access to discounts.

Our Affiliate Links

As we mentioned, we do not force affiliate links into our posts. If we happen to mention, for example, the Unity Asset Store as part of our post, we may link to the store using our affiliate ID. But we will never force a mention of the Asset Store so that we can link to it.

Supporting the Site

You will never be forced—or even asked—to click one of our affiliate links. If the thought of using one of these links makes you uncomfortable, you can always navigate to the linked site yourself. That being said, affiliate links (and display ads) are presently our sole source of revenue. So, if you like our content, understand that you are helping keep the site going when you use these links.

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